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Closed Containment – a silver bullet for both opponents and supporters of salmon farming?

Current methods of Scottish salmon farming traditionally use an open net method, yet companies are now looking into closed containment, or land-based, farming to limit environmental impacts.

Scottish Parliament’s Resource Efficiency and Connectivity Committee report published

he Scottish Parliament’s REC Committee report on salmon farming in Scotland is out at last! No moratorium on expansion, but some good recommendations.

Getting to know your Scottish salmon: how will sustainability dashboards help?

When buying Scottish farmed salmon fillets for your dinner, do you know where the fish has come from? The quality of the farm? Which chemicals the fish have consumed, how much and why?

Is it time to run with sustainability dashboards?

The seven workstreams for Marine Scotland Science’s 10 Year Farm Fish Health Framework are underway, and it will be interesting to see how the first one on Information Flow and Transparency is approached. A sustainability dashboard would provide data on Scottish salmon farming companies and individual farms and could be part of the answer.

Krilling off omega-3s?

Scientists noted many years ago that Inuit peoples of the Far North appeared to have lower rates of heart disease; whilst there’s some dispute around early evidence for this, initial findings were attributed to a marine based diet and resulted in much research and interest in supplementation with omega-3s or high fish diets.

Is Scottish farmed Atlantic salmon good enough to eat?

The Best Fishes project is frequently asked ‘can I eat farmed salmon?’ and ‘which salmon can I eat?’ The answer, however, is also a question as it depends on what it important to the consumer.  If they are mostly concerned with the health benefits of eating fish, then the answer seems to be yes….

What future sea lice? Part II: New and emerging treatment methods

Find out about more innovative sea lice treatment methods.

What future sea lice? Part I: Cleaner fish.

A summary of the Marine Conservation Society’s Briefing Document on Cleaner Fish.

As aquaculture expands the minimisation of waste will become increasingly important.

A recent article claimed that around 18.1 metric tons (MT) of seafood is wasted every 10 seconds.

Scottish Parliament’s REC Committee inquiry draws to a close

The Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee’s inquiry into Salmon Farming in Scotland received over 150 written submissions