Know your Scottish Salmon

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Engaging with the current environmental Scottish Salmon farming concerns.


The main aim of the project is to highlight Scottish Salmon farming issues with consumers and retailers.  As part of this we are asking consumers to question where their salmon is from and how it has been produced.  We are asking retailers to keep improving their sourcing and transparency, the industry to keep improving its standards through innovation and best practice, and the regulators to ensure standards are adequate and regulations are being enforced.

The project was established by Fidra, an environmental charity based in East Lothian, Scotland. We use scientific evidence and research best practice to establish a wider dialogue and determine how best to influence positive environmental change at national and international levels.

Did you know?

Scottish salmon farming has grown steadily since the 1970’s and is now a major part of Scottish aquaculture, which has a present worth of over £1.8bn annually and provides more than 8,000 jobs.

Scotland is the largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon in the EU and the third largest in in the world after Norway and Chile.