Know your Scottish Salmon

Our Timline of Action

Fidra’s Best Fishes sought to engage stakeholders on concerns over the current environmental issues of Scottish salmon farming. The project ran from 2017 – 2023. 

Fidra conclude this phase of work in relation to aquaculture

Following the progress of UK retailers in transparency and traceability, the publication of the Scottish Government’s ‘Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture’ and the SEPA consultation on ‘Proposals for a risk-based, spatial framework for managing interaction between sea lice from marine finfish farm developments and wild Atlantic salmon in Scotland.

SEPA present plans for risk-based framework

With the aim of managing interactions between sea lice from marine finfish farm developments and wild Atlantic salmon in Scotland. 

Fidra and BRC host stakeholder webinar

Following the success of previous workshops, Fidra in partnership with the BRC hosted a webinar to explore positive progress made by stakeholders in improving transparency and traceability in the salmon supply chain since 2020 and exchange knowledge between participants. 

The Scottish government published the ‘Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture’

The Vision  sets out the Scottish government’s long-term aspirations for the Scottish aquaculture sector and supply chain up to 2045.  

Fidra Best Fishes project manager awarded Scottish Woman of the Year

Civil Service category award for representing Scottish Environment LINK on aquaculture work with Scottish Government

Fidra joins the Scottish Government’s Scottish Aquaculture Council

Fidra join as Scottish Environment LINK representative, to develop the Scottish Government’s Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture and consult on other aquaculture-related policy. 

Eight of the ten largest U.K. retailers become part of the Ocean Disclosure Project

An important step in increasing retailer transparency. 

Fidra publishes a new report on the global transparency and information availability of salmon aquaculture

Read the full report here.

Fidra hosts a second stakeholder workshop

This workshop aimed to facilitate discussion to better understand the challenges and barriers of information exchange between supply chain stakeholders, and how this could be overcome.

Publishing of Fidra’s second consumer survey report

Results showed that consumers were still unaware that all Scottish salmon is farmed (2019 5%, 2021 6%), the majority agreed or strongly agreed they would be happy to pay more for sustainably produced salmon and 69%  would like more information on product labels.

Fidra commission TAUW to produce ‘Assessment of alternatives for EPS (expanded polystyrene) fish boxes’ report investigating alternatives to EPS fish boxes.

Read the full report here

Fidra submits evidence to the Review of the Aquaculture Regulatory Process in Scotland by Professor Griggs

The review recommends improving regulation of the industry, further work and that the Scottish government produce a 10 year framework for each aquaculture sector within 12 month. 

The Fidra Retailer Transparency and Traceability ‘RAG’ table is published

Highlighting the levels of traceability and transparency of Scottish salmon from 10 major UK retailers and where it could be improved. The table has been updated over the course of the project, showing positive steps from retailers to improve transparency and traceability.  

Fidra publishes report on the impacts of salmon aquaculture on the benthic environment

Read the report here

Fidra in partnership with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) host a multi-stakeholder workshop

Representatives from throughout the Scottish supply chain are invited.

Fidra conducts first consumer survey on farmed Scottish salmon

The survey looks at what factors influence the choices made Results showed that consumers were largely unaware that all Scottish salmon is farmed (5%), 80% would be happy to pay more for sustainably produced salmon and 64% would like more information on product labels.

SEPA implement a new regulatory framework

with more stringent requirements for those applying for Controlled Activity Regulations (CAR) licenses for aquaculture. 

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) publish the ‘Finfish Aquaculture Sector Plan’

with the aim of greater enforcement of environmental standards within the industry. Fidra welcomed the plan, but calls for more ambition, detail and increased requirements for transparency in the sector. 

The Salmon Interactions Working Group is established

With the aim to evaluate and review policy, advice and projects on the issue of farmed/wild salmon interactions. 

Fidra submits response to the REC Committee inquiry into Scottish salmon farming

The final REC report has 65 recommendations for the salmon aquaculture industry, regulators and policy makers.  

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