Know your Scottish Salmon

Our Timline of Action

Fidra’s Best Fishes sought to engage stakeholders on concerns over the current environmental issues of Scottish salmon farming. The project ran from 2017 – 2023. 

Fidra submits response to the Environmental, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) committee inquiry into the environmental impact of the salmon aquaculture sector

The ECCLR report concluded that environmental impacts of the sector would continue to increase as the industry grew, with significant gaps in knowledge and data, and a lack of monitoring and research regarding of adverse impacts to surrounding ecosystems.  

Scotland’s Farmed Fish Health Framework group (FFHF) established

with the aim to deliver a framework to support fish welfare and health management. Fidra submits briefing on sustainability dashboard concept to FFHF group.   

MSP’s launch an inquiry into Scottish salmon aquaculture

following a petition submitted to the Scottish Government’s Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee by Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland.   

The Best Fishes project begins

The publishing of the ‘Scottish Aquaculture Vision for Growth’ in 2016 projected the doubling of Scottish salmon production between 2014-2030. This raised concerns of the environmental impacts of the growing industry. 

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